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4th Annual  Oklahoma Pole Vault Open   Saturday, July 4, 2015  - - -  10:00am   Sulphur High School         All entries must be submitted by email using the email link below. After you click on the link, an email window will open. You must submit an email (using this link) that contains the following information: (1) Your first and last name; (2) Your phone number; (3) Your date of birth; and, (4) Your age (adults), or your grade (students - last grade completed). Youth "age groups" are based on GRADE as of the 2014-2015 school year. Adult "age groups" are based on AGE as of the first day of competition. All four items listed above MUST be included in your email.   REGISTRATION  FEE: 5th Grade (and under) - College Age (19-24) - - - $FREE Adults (25+) - - - $FREE Entry Fees will be collected at check-in. Make checks payable to "YES-Athletics". Registration deadline: Your registration email must be received on or before July 2nd @ 5:00pm. Directions:  From I-35 take the Davis exit and go east to the Sulphur High School track facility. Other events - - - see also:                                _____________________________________________________________________________________
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Oklahoma Pole Vault OpenTM  Always Moving Forward guided by Respect & Reality
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